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By Gavin | August 02, 2019

53 com activate card and the Fifth Third Bank, American regional banking corporation, is headquartered in Cincinnati. The company operates outside. The supplier is a subsidiary of the parent company of the Fifth Third Bank Group. Its main business includes sector banking, commercial bank business, property insurance policy, investment consulting, consumer loans and payments.


How to activate my Fifth Third cards?

  1. If account holders want to activate their cards on the website www.53.com, they will be asked to visit the Fifth Third online banks, as well as a harmonious browser.

  2. For the first time, customers need to set up their Internet accounts until they can trigger a card or until they can access their online accounts.

  3. To register for an Internet account, you need a Fifth Third bank card, bank card, ATM card account.

  4. Once your account is recorded and verified, you can log in to your Internet account to trigger a new card.

The Fifth Third Bank gift cards are accepted in many places, where MasterCard does not accept his case, rather than the daily limit or credit card of the Fifth Third Bank debit cards. Someone cares enough for you to buy the ideal gift for anything you want. Flexible purchase, bring you a generous reward! Enjoy the perfect gift.


The Fifth Third card activation step:

  • For the first time, customers will create their online accounts before they can activate the card, until they can access their online accounts. Please visit the website www.53.com/activate.

  • To subscribe to an online account, you need to press the account number to the third bank card, card and ATM card.

  • After your account has been confirmed and approved for delivery, you can log in to the Internet account of your new card trigger.

  • Enter into a merchant account, and then place the new card in an account with the user ID and password of the registered personal computer for easy use.

  • After logging in, you can test and develop new accounts according to the instructions.

Federal debit cards cost four:

  1. All debit MasterCards, most businesses buy them free of charge.

  2. All balance inquiries or free transfers.

  3. You are allowed to withdraw money free four times a month.

  4. You will be assessed for each ATM withdrawal period of $1.50 to $4 a month.

If you have any questions about the phone number associated with your account or need additional services, please login to www.53.com and contact our Customer Service Center at 1-866-466-0059.

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Activate Card | Fifth Third Bank: https://www.53.com/content/fifth-third/en/login/activate-card.html