Fifth Third Bank - EVM Chip Card - 53 Com Activate

By Gavin | October 25, 2018

You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your card transactions are secure introducing Fifth Third Bank debit and credit cards featuring chip technology with its built-in chip.


Your card adds another layer of security by creating a unique one-time code, that validates the transaction making it more difficult for someone to fraudulently access your information without the card in hand.

Easing your chip card is easy at Tippie naval terminals

Easing your chip card is easy at Tippie naval terminals, simply insert the card tip first into the reader on the terminal, and follow the prompts. While your transaction processes your card should remain in the terminal until the transaction is complete at merchants that haven't switched to chip enable terminals, swipe your card's magstripe as you normally would use your card to make purchases and pay bills online or by phone.

Enjoy a worldwide acceptance with your chip card, chip technology is already widely used in the US Canada and nearly 130 other countries with chip technology, you can use your Fifth Third debit or credit card with confidence.

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