How We Did It - Fifth Third Bank Mobile App | 53 Bank - 53 Com Activate

By Gavin | October 25, 2018

When fifth-third came to us, and they said we want to build a new app, they went to a handful of their partners and gave us an opportunity to build a prototype, so we did that on the iPhone, and it was a chance for us to run on that playground and take some ideas that as banking customers.

We would like to see banking is something that we all have to do, so why shouldn't it be great? So it was a really fun thing to actually look at all these things that we do every day, like transfers, we're just viewing a balance, or seeing how much you have, or making a payment to somebody, and after we got to pour all this detail into this prototype, when we just had a feeling that if we can just get this into their hands, let them play with it, let them login with their accounts, they'll see and they can catch that vision, and then we could work together and build something great, improving a mobile banking app, isn't about introducing new features that you don't know, that your customers want, it's about getting the designers and the developers and the line of business on the same page, that you can really understand what features you already have, and then you can take those features and make them better.

When fifth-third first offered us the contract, we knew we had to do something really big, we had to break out of the traditional mold between designers and developers, so we brought our developers and our designers together in an agile process, which brought together the iterative steps and the collaboration between the developers and the designers sitting right next to each other, it's not a clear-cut division between what designer is and what a developer is, we're all working together to make a better product, because of this close collaboration we have between designers and developers, we create an app, I'm really proud to say I worked on the way, the app flows is incredibly smooth, it's incredibly polished, you can tell them the kind of effort, the kind of passion that went into making this application, and it's something that if there are customers are really going to appreciate what we really wanted to focus on was delivering that great experience for users, somebody grabs your app.

And next thing you know 10 minutes later, the creating a review or leaving some comment or giving you feedback on it, so where we have this very transparent instantaneous feedback mechanism, now where people are just saying what they think, so fifth or just they weren't getting the response that they were looking for with their old app, what we did was we went in and we took a look at what customers had to say, so that we could try to get to that next mark, but then go beyond that, it used to be that, you didn't have that kind of transparency into what your users were thinking, you had to guess you hadn't, you had to make logical conclusions, but you didn't have any real data, and now we finally have that when the good feedback starts rolling in from the app store.

We actually get positive constructive comments, it really validates everything we've done, and let us know that this app and the way we've used, our designers and developers is an approach that works, it's an approach that gives us a product that the users are happy to tell us that works, that they like to use, and because our clients are listening to what our users have to say, we're no longer making an app for the client, we're making an app for the user, that's how apps need to be done, that's the future of app development, once we finally push live into the App Store with the iPhone app, and then later the Android app, the response was pretty positive from customers.

It was fun, I know Fifth Third really had a had a good time with it, because they could see now what was a really mediocre customer response, now was turning into a really positive response, not just in the app stores, but even on places like Twitter, just the public comments and everything, this app doesn't really end with a period, we're not just done and walking away and then hoping that the app stands the test of time for the next five years, that's not how it works, we're there to keep on collaborating and keep on listening to feedback and seeing what users think, and to keep optimizing and making a better banking app, and I think that's pretty fantastic.